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DE-3367599-D1: Iodine-labelled radioactive estratriene derivatives, process and intermediates for their preparation, their use in radioimmuno assays and in the preparation of antigens, and antigens so obtained patent, DE-3367831-D1: Microwave power oscillator patent, DE-3368399-D1: Combined elevating platform and mounting device for a tailgate elevator and platform and support member for such a combination patent, DE-3368915-D1: Process for polishing glass objects in a polishing bath containing sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid patent, DE-3369286-D1: Fluid distribution circuit in a vacuum system for motor vehicles patent, DE-3369664-D1: Anti-theft devices for automotive vehicles patent, DE-3369968-D1: Process for the purification of benzoic acid patent, DE-3370997-D1: Ionic concentration detector in a liquid patent, DE-3371053-D1: Apparatus for cutting foamed plastic blocks patent, DE-3372309-D1: Manually operated cartridge holder patent, DE-3372786-D1: Process for producing l-hystidine by fermentation and microorganisms therefor patent, DE-3373889-D1: Anti-theft cap, particularly for fuel tanks of vehicles patent, DE-3374000-D1: Process for producing foamed waterglass materials from aerosol containers patent, DE-3374068-D1: Unsaturated copolymerisable polyesters, process for their preparation and their use patent, DE-3374118-D1: Carbon molecular sieves and a process for their preparation patent, DE-3374953-D1: Modular unit patent, DE-3375756-D1: Coiling and transferring device for wafers patent, DE-3375874-D1: Improvements relating to the starting of discharge lamps patent, DE-3376830-D1: Process for preparing ketopantolactone patent, DE-3377055-D1: Bag tying machine patent, DE-3377576-D1: C-20-modified macrolide derivatives patent, DE-3377953-D1: Electronic stringed musical instrument patent, DE-3379573-D1: Anti-bacterial medical material and device patent, DE-3379808-D1: Device for the stepwise recognition of characters, patterns or the like patent, DE-3380106-D1: Method of making josephson junction devices patent, DE-3380157-D1: Polar relay patent, DE-3380249-D1: A tracheal intubation cannula with external valve patent, DE-3381568-D1: Verfahren zum einbringen von expressionsfaehigen genen in pflanzenzellgenome und hybride ti plasmidvektoren enthaltende agrobacterium-staemme verwendbar in diesem verfahren. patent, DE-3460399-D1: Apparatus for heat-treating a liquid product and a method of operating and cleaning the said apparatus patent, DE-3460514-D1: Levelling device for a rotatable platform carrying weapons patent, DE-3460998-D1: Flexible door patent, DE-3461015-D1: Cap for a blood sampling tube patent, DE-3461118-D1: Device for the pulsating supply of a gaseous medium to a kiln or suchlike patent, DE-3461241-D1: Plant growth regulating agent patent, DE-3461363-D1: Bag with a pre-established vacuum for the conservation of goods patent, DE-3461366-D1: Discharge lamp patent, DE-3462072-D1: Iodothyronine immunoassays employing hms as tbp blocking agent patent, DE-3462405-D1: Flame-proofed foam plastics of polyacryl or polymethacryl imide and method for their manufacture patent, DE-3462827-D1: A fixed rotating device of one element in a tube patent, DE-3463192-D1: Speech encoder patent, DE-3464537-D1: Mammary prosthesis having adjustable projection patent, DE-3464667-D1: Electrical winding patent, DE-3466223-D1: Method of preparing erythromycin a cyclic 11,12-carbonate patent, DE-3466658-D1: Method of and apparatus for continuously producing foamed plastic webs patent, DE-3466702-D1: Gelatin spherical gels and production thereof patent, DE-3467335-D1: Process and apparatus for producing gaseous products by decomposing liquids patent, DE-3467755-D1: Stabilization of tetrazolium salt with cyclodextrin patent, DE-3468126-D1: Process and reagent for the determination of transaminases patent, DE-3468454-D1: Process for the treatment of cellulosic materials with oxidising agents patent, DE-3468962-D1: Arrangement for timed loop interruption by means of a telephone set patent, DE-3469706-D1: Electronic control method for vehicles patent, DE-3470462-D1: Process and apparatus for purifying gases patent, DE-3470978-D1: Method of making bipolar structures with self-aligned emitter and base regions for high frequency circuits patent, DE-3472318-D1: Ultrasonic transducer patent, DE-3473612-D1: Fuel and use thereof patent, DE-3474460-D1: Method for preparing a synthetic fuel and/or synthetic components for fuels, and the product obtained thereby patent, DE-3474500-D1: Male component for two-piece animal ear tag patent, DE-3474537-D1: Apparatus for packaging, weighing and labeling merchandise patent, DE-3474662-D1: Benzothiophene derivates as bronchodilators patent, DE-3475214-D1: Antifriction bearing assembly for a die set or the like patent, DE-3475535-D1: Aqueous alcaline bath for chemically plating copper or nickel patent, DE-3476448-D1: Controlling seal systems in rotary regenerative air preheaters patent, DE-3476714-D1: Tape wiping brush patent, DE-3476726-D1: Starting circuit for a switched mains power supply patent, DE-3477001-D1: 11-difluoromethyl and 11-fluoromethylene steroids patent, DE-3478219-D1: Containers patent, DE-3478740-D1: Method for treating aqueous solutions with weakly acidic cation exhange resins patent, DE-3480447-D1: Pulse generator patent, DE-3481310-D1: Waermebestaendiges schlagfestes styrolharz, dessen herstellungsverfahren und dieses styrolharz enthaltende zusammensetzung. patent, DE-3481822-D1: Hochleistungssickenmaschine. patent, DE-3482579-D1: Elektromagnetischer linearantrieb. patent, DE-3483161-D1: Waschanlage fuer pulpe. patent, DE-3483176-D1: Kraftmessdose. patent, DE-3483534-D1: Spulenhuelsen-einlegevorrichtung. patent, DE-3483990-D1: Bilderzeugung mittels magnetischer kernresonanz mit impulsfolgen durch kombination von selektiver anregung und gesteuerter freier praezession. patent, DE-3484341-D1: Bewehrung fuer stahlbetonkonstruktionen. patent, DE-3484792-D1: Herstellung von halogenierten phenolen. patent, DE-3485025-D1: Datenverarbeitungssystem. patent, DE-3485874-D1: Anschwellende zusammensetzung. patent, DE-3486477-D1: Hochtemperatur- und alkalibeständige, feuerfeste Faser zur Verstärkung von Zementerzeugnissen und so verstärkte Erzeugnisse patent, DE-3560096-D1: Spare wheel support device for motor vehicle patent, DE-3560194-D1: Mounting arrangement of brake shoe units on railway vehicles patent, DE-3560714-D1: Process for preparing optically active 4-hydroxy-2-cyclipentenones patent, DE-3561057-D1: Process for preparing 1-naphthyl amine patent, DE-3561233-D1: Receiver for portable machines such as portable drills patent, DE-3561350-D1: Modifications to hydraulic antivibration mounts patent, DE-3561838-D1: Electro-pneumatic converter patent, DE-3561909-D1: Arrangement for reducing the plume discharge from wet-dry cooling towers patent, DE-3562389-D1: Method for imparting strength and ductility to intermetallic phases patent, DE-3562905-D1: Vinyl-carboxylic-acid esters patent, DE-3563349-D1: Process for the preparation of a carboxylic acid patent, DE-3564042-D1: Apparatus for imaging two objects placed in different object planes patent, DE-3566205-D1: Electric motor with variable speed patent, DE-3567025-D1: Polymerisable compounds with perfluoroalkyl groups, registration layers containing them and their use in dry lithography patent, DE-3567695-D1: Arrangement in removable oil filters patent, DE-3568742-D1: Industrial truck with control by handle patent, DE-3568782-D1: Novel monomeric cationic glycoside derivatives patent, DE-3569093-D1: A sorter conveyor having laterally tiltable trays patent, DE-3569957-D1: Rock drill bit patent, DE-3570976-D1: Display for sales packages, in particular blister packages of haberdashery, handiwork items and accessories like knitting needles patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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